Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

The Moot is open to any student-member either (i) is currently or (ii) has been within six months of the deadline for memorial submission enrolled in a course of study leading to a law qualification (e.g., LLB, LLM, M.Jur, JD, diploma in professional practice or equivalent)..

How many members per team?

A minimum of 2 team members and a maximum of 5 team members are required for each team. You should register your team immediately after you make your account. If you haven’t completed the registration 5 days after the first time you make it , we assume your team is final and we will send the debit note.

Can a team have a coach?

Yes! A team may be advised by a coach. However, the team coach may only assist in general discussions concerning the case, linguistic matters or presentational skills. Coaches may not provide substantial advice or actively take part in the oral pleadings.

Do all team members have to be enrolled in the same university?

No! Team members may be enrolled in different universities. However, such universities must be located in the same country.

What is the structure of the competition?

The competition will be divided into two phase: the submission of Written Memorial round and the Oral Round in Ho Chi Minh City. Each team will present their Claimants and Respondent Memorial in Oral Round

Does everyone who registers have to pay the 265US$?

Yes, every person have to pay the 265 USD registration fee, which will include all accommodations, transport, and meals including 2 formal dinners.

What’s in it for me if I participate?

Through the competition, you will be given the opportunity to develop analytical skills and skills in legal research, writing, and advocacy. Participation in the AIMCC will expand your knowledge on and expose you to current issues of international investment law in the simulated environment of an international arbitral tribunal.

Also, you will get to network and exchange ideas and perspectives on legal issues with law students from different countries. The experiences you may acquire from the AIMCC will help to shape successful careers in different areas of legal practice.

In addition, this year’s competition offers a Legal Workshop right after the Competition! Not only will you get to attend a seminar led by renowned and professional International Investment Lawyers, you will also get to improve your legal skills through the workshop and training that we offer!

Can I send in a request for clarifications before I register my team?

No! Teams must be registered before they can send in clarification requests.

How do i register?

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